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Passionate About Inspiring Others

     I wanted to be a financial advisor when I grew up. Well, sort of. My first choice was to be a professional baseball player, like most kids. I chased my dream of being a big leaguer as far as an 83 mph fastball paired with a 12/6 curve ball could take someone. Fortunately for me, I was born left-handed, and being left-handed can have some slight advantages in the game of baseball. But my dream to be a financial advisor had nothing to do with baseball, or being left handed. It had everything to do with my Dad.

     I was eleven years old when I heard four words most kids are not prepared to hear from their parents: we are getting a divorce. The months following seemed to be a blur. My Dad, my brother, and myself went from a big "fancy" new home against the Wasatch Mountains, to sleeping on the floor (in a sleeping bag) of a 3 bedroom apartment overnight.

       My Dad had owned and operated a small local construction company for twenty years prior to the divorce. I watched him get up early everyday and work his tail off to give my brother and I the life he wanted for us. We went from that apartment - to a townhouse - to a new home - to another new home within 5 years time. All so my brother and I could be back around our friends and in the school districts we grew up in.
‎      One day, while sitting in high school, a man walked in the door wearing a neatly tailored suit and tie. He proceeded to tell the class he helped people solve financial problems like:

  • ‎Save and plan for their retirement

  • Sell their businesses

  • Save for college

  •  plan for the unexpected, etc.


    I don't remember much else from that day, other than I knew I wanted to know how to solve those types of problems for one reason. So I could help my Dad. Naturally, as my baseball career came to an end, I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. Ten years later I am more passionate than ever about helping people plan for life's most important events and seeking to solve financial problems with the help of an incredible team.

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